“I feel more confident in my future with women!”

– Scott, April 2018

“Honestly I don't know what I would have done without Shelby. She enabled me to get out of the hole I dug for myself and rise to a satisfying and rich relationship with my partner that I had never had before. Being stagnant in a relationship is easy, and seeing see a sex therapist can be nerve-racking, but having that nervous energy focused on developing a more intense and sexually satisfying relationship, and being carefully guided by Shelby during this process, was not at all as difficult as I thought it might be.”

– Ken, August 2018

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Devlin.  Her warmth and grace immediately put me at ease.  Her coaching and feedback were insightful and perceptive.  She gave me new ideas and techniques for improving my confidence.  Since putting some of these tips to work my sex life with my wife has improved dramatically.”

– Jonathan, October 2018

“I've been working with Shelby for the last few months to get support moving through long standing blocks and anxieties around my sexuality and desires. I wanted help learning to communicate my needs with my partner in a more honest and accurate way (talking about my body and feelings with partners has always had a touch of "I feel like I'm going to die!" wrapped up in it).

I am so grateful for what I've already accomplished with Shelby. Her ability to meet me at so many different levels of unraveling and understanding myself is truly a gift. Through her gentle yet direct coaching, I've learned to really tap into what I'm feeling in the moment, making communication with my partner so much more clear. Shelby has taught me practical exercises and tools for centering myself, staying with emotions and sensations, and has guided me into a deepening trust and ease with my embodiment. Benefits from these sessions hasn't been just with expressing myself and having more intimacy in my relationships - but with my professional life and creative energy as well. I feel more empowered in general as a queer woman. I feel more playful, and passionate, and inspired to go after whatever it is that I want. I can't thank you enough, Shelby!!”  

Emily, April 2018


“I can’t thank you enough for the help and support! I was quite uncomfortable seeking help for this personal issue, but was immediately put at ease. Quickly making a connection and building trust helped me get to the source of my anxiety and understand what my hang-ups were really about. So grateful that after 1 session my partner and I noticed an immediate change!”

– Chris, December 2017


“Shelby is simply amazing. Her approach, supported by her Somatica training, is a breath of fresh air compared to the traditional sex therapist, often keen to resolve the issues with your mother rather than focusing on what blocks sexuality individually or between a couple. We have tried working with couple and sex therapist before and often came out of the meeting drained, lost and even more divided.

Shelby was very different from the first meeting: very intuitive, super understanding and was focused on creating the environment and the skills we needed to connect sexually.

Our work together is not done yet, but the improvement is noticeable. Speaking and practicing with Shelby feels natural, safe and makes you WANT TO HAVE SEX, rather feel ashamed or over diagnosed.”

– Elli, February 2017


“I always look forward to Shelby's coaching.  It's fun for one thing, and along with her skills at communication and sensuality, she brings grace, compassion, and a sexy presence. My relationship with my partner has benefitted immensely, in and out of the bedroom.”

– Don, February 2017


“Shelby is amazing. The first thing you should know is that it is really fun when you are with her. Her sessions are very relaxed, and yet packed with stuff, because she's always thinking of the next thing to work on. She is also quite flexible and creative. My particular area of focus is bdsm, and she is remarkably knowledgeable and intuitive about the practical, how to restrain someone so that you don't cause them unintended pain, how to negotiate what you are going to do with this person, and still keep it hot for both of you, how make sure your partner knows how to call his or her safe word.  She is also so helpful and skilled when it comes to the emotional, how to handle rejection, how to approach someone you may be interested in, how to accept yourself for what you are. I feel really fortunate to have encountered her, and feel that I have grown significantly under her tutelage.”

– Clark, February 2017