Shelby Devlin

I am a sex and intimacy coach , trained in the Somatica® Method as well as a certified massage therapist (CMT). I am a California native, who has lived and worked in San Francisco for over ten years. After studying human sexuality at SFSU, I continued my education exploring the Bay Area’s alternative culture. I have worked as a sex educator at a fetish boutique, given talks on female sexuality, published erotica, taught classes on BDSM and participated in non-normative relationship models. I am a firm believer that the most impactful lessons come from actually doing, and so I have made it my mission to experience as much as possible, while respecting my personal boundaries.

Before I became a Sex and Intimacy Coach, I trained in massage therapy. As a CMT, I was struck by how much relief people experience by simply talking about their bodies with an empathetic caregiver. My clients not only responded to safe, healing touch, but also to my ability to listen actively, to demonstrate compassion and give my undivided attention within a safe environment.

But still, something was missing within the boundaries of massage therapy. I could massage my clients, but I could not touch them in any other way, nor could I teach them to touch themselves, or others. Which is why I sought out the Somatica Method and began my path as a Sex and Intimacy Coach.

Shelby Devlin Sex & Intimacy Coach